Silesia is a historical region of Central Europe, mostly in Poland. Nevertheless, part of Silesia is located in the Czech Republic, and in this article, I’ll tell you my top three hikes in the Czech part of Silesia. I live in the city called Opava which is the capital of Czech Silesia and this a view from my apartment!

City of Opava

Well, it’s much nicer in the real life. You should visit me! I make a great green tea ­čŹÁ. Anyway, let’s go hiking!

The White Opava River Hike

Length: 9 km (one way). Time: 3 to 4 hours and then at least 1 hour to go back by bus. See the whole trek on a map. If you are brave enough, you can drink water from the local stream, as did I:

City of Opava

This is the hardest hike on the list, yet the most beautiful. It starts in Karlova Stud├ínka, a spa village in the Jesen├şky mountains. The village itself looks like a town from some fairy tale. It’s worth a visit.

The trek starts next to the Karlova Studánka Waterfall.

Then you follow the river “B├şl├í Opava” which translates to “White Opava”. As you go alongside the stream the whole time you should see all the different waterfalls on the river. The name of the stream stems from the waterfalls: there are so many of them they make the water white! But be careful, the path is slippery and you need to overcome a few obstacles such as fallen trees. And do you like to climb ladders? There are a few of them.

(Yeah, that is my wife, I had to blur her out ­čśâ)

The trek is not difficult, though. The whole families usually go there. I was there as a child with my family. If you have at least some experience with hiking, you should be fine. Just be prepared for walking uphill the whole time.

The trek ends in the Barborka cottage, just a few meters below the summit of the Prad─Ťd mountain. You can buy a meal there. It’s expected you go up to the peak. It should take you another hour of walking. Prad─Ťd is the tallest mountain in the Czech Silesia and the Moravia, it’s 1,491 meters tall. There are a tower and a transmitter on top of the mountain. You can buy tickets and go up to enjoy the vista from the Prad─Ťd tower or visit a restaurant and get yourself a well-deserved meal.

On the way back, you can go to “Ov─Ź├írna” and from there you can take a bus back to Karlova Stud├ínka.

How to get to Karlova Stud├ínka? Best way is by car. The second best way is to take a train from Opava to Vrbno pod Prad─Ťdem and then go by bus to Karlova Stud├ínka. Use to find your connections.

How difficult it is? You go uphill the whole time and you need to overcome some obstacles like fallen trees.

From Kru┼żberk Reservoir to Hradec nad Moravic├ş

Length: 32 km (one way, but you can split it into two different hikes). Total time: about 10 hours. See the whole trek on a map. The trek starts next to the water reservoir Kru┼żberk:

Then, you simply follow the river. The path goes through the gorgeous Moravice valley.

(That is me jumping on the rocks! But don’t worry, there was a bridge.)

You’ll meet training crags, former spa-village J├ínsk├ę Koupele, the ruins of Vik┼ítejn Castle, Weisshuhn Channel and the beautiful red castle of Hradec nad Moravic├ş.

(Don’t worry, it has been repaired. It’s good as new nowadays!)

At the end of the hike take a train from Hradec nad Moravic├ş to Opava. You can also split the trek into two treks: from Kru┼żberk to Podhrad├ş and from Podhrad├ş to Hradec nad Moravic├ş or even to Opava. Podhrad├ş is a nice town next to the Moravice River.

(That is me tired after the hike near the castle)

How to get to Kru┼żberk? Take a bus from Opava V├Żchodn├ş n├ídra┼ż├ş to Kru┼żberk (or to Podhrad├ş). You can search for connections on

How difficult it is? It’s just long if you go full trek. Other than that, the path is more or less clear. There are a few rocks you need to climb but nothing serious, like one or two meters. My wife made it and she hates difficult hikes. Hence, don’t worry. But take a snack with you as there are no restaurants (or they can be closed).

From Ostravice to Lysá Hora Mountain

It’s time to see the Beskydy mountains! Length: 7,6 km (one way, you need to go back). Total time: about 4 hours (one way). See the whole trek on a map.

(Beskydy mountains)

This is the track my wife promised me never to go again. Because you just go up. Up the hill. All the time. But you can do it! I have faith in you. Lys├í Hora is the tallest mountain in the Beskydy mountains, it’s 1,323 meters tall. The name translates to “the Bald Mountain”. Visit it and you’ll see why.

Take a train to Ostravice and get out at the final stop. You find yourself in the heart of Beskydy mountains. Then, follow the red markings and just go up. Be aware of people running there. It may sound crazy but many people run to the top of the mountain and back as a form of exercise. There is even a race: how many times can you run up and down in 24 hours. If they can do it five times per day, you can do it at least once!

At the summit, you can enjoy a vista to the Beskydy mountains. And you can also enjoy a glass of Radegast, a Czech beer as there is a restaurant. Ask for Radegast 12!

(A vista from the Lysá Hora)

How to get to Ostravice? Everyone goes either by car or by train. The train is more old-school. And the views from the trains are really nice. Do go by train if you have a chance.

How difficult it is? The path is not exactly comfortable. Sometimes, you walk on rocks. But no ladders, no jumping over streams, just going uphill the whole time but there is a ­čŹ║ on the summit!

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